For much less than the cost of a grant writer, this webinar series will prepare participants to develop quality proposals by walking each person step-by-step through the process, providing homework with weekly feedback from federal, national, and local experts, and ensuring access to our professionals for one of several services (e.g., proposal review and feedback) within one year following participation in the webinar series  at no additional cost. 

(each weekly course provides 90-minutes of content and 30 minutes of guidance/feedback)

Series Topics

  • Foundational Overview: Grant Writing 101 
  • Researching Funding Opportunities, Developing a Funding Calendar, & Understanding various funding sources to determine when a grant is right for your organization 
  • What Does It All Mean?: Breaking down the proposal components (covered over 3 sessions); examples of topics to be covered during this portion of the webinar series:
    • Understanding the RFP & Outlining Key Grant Writing Principles
    • Describing the Community Need
    • Using Best Practices to strengthen your program
    • Performance Indicators/objectives
    • Key Personnel
    • Budget
    • Letters of recommendation and other attachments; MOUs vs. Letters of Support (what's the difference?)
    • Developing the Evaluation Plan
    • Developing the Sustainability Plan
    • Leveraging community partnerships for sustainability
  • Putting Practice Into Action!: Preparing the proposal for your organization
  • Understanding the Submission Process